WCCN Board & Staff

Board of Directors

Julie Andersen, President
Scott Hagen, Secretary
Tom Schwei, Treasurer

WCCN Staff

Francisco Barquero, Director of Latin American Operations, francisco@wccn.org

Steve Braun, IT Manager, steve@wccn.org

Nehemias Calderon, Credit Officer, nehemias@wccn.org

Jeanne Duffy, Director of North American Operations, jeanne@wccn.org

Ramón Antonio Moraga González, Junior Credit Officer, ramon@wccn.org

Carlos Ibarra, Loan Fund Manager, carlos@wccn.org

Nancy Metzger, Executive Director, exdir@wccn.org

Alejandro Montenegro, Operations Officer, alejandro@wccn.org

Gustavo Rossi, Chief Financial Officer, gustavo@wccn.org

Martin Slough, Senior Credit Officer, martin@wccn.org

Zacary Smucker-Bryan, Investor Relations and Communications Manager, zac@wccn.org

Rick Tvedt, Accountant, accounting@wccn.org